4 Home remedies to deal with bad breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and could make people around you uncomfortable

bad breath

Bad breath is a problem that could be caused due to a number of reasons. People suffering from this problem often have a hard time communicating with people comfortably. Or sometimes it could be worse that the person might not even be aware of it. Some of the common causes of a bad breath can be tooth decay, coated tongue, gum disease or a poor dental hygiene. Here we will be discussing about a few easy home remedies that could be used to deal with bad breath.

  1. Chew cloves – Cloves can provide instantly a fresh breath. You can keep a couple of cloves in your mouth and suck on its juices  and you are ready to go with a fresh breath. Cloves also help to prevent the growth of germs that cause bad breath.
  2. Chew and eat fennel seeds – Fennel seeds are one of the few spices that contain flavourful essential oils. They can help in dealing and masking the bad breath. They also contain anti-microbial qualities to make you smell better. The seeds also help to increase the production of saliva that destroys harmful microorganisms.
  3. Drink green tea – Not many are aware that apart from aiding in weight loss, green tea also helps in dental hygiene. The drink contains anti-oxidants that help in a number of ways to deal with bad breath. You could drink it in the morning or before bed time. You could also fill your water bottle with chilled green tea and keep sipping it the entire day which is a much healthier option.
  4. Drink Yoghurt – It contains lactobacillus which is a good bacteria which is good for the gut health. However, you need to make sure that you yoghurt is low on sugar or non-fat. Sugar tends to naturally feed bacteria which could be an instant contributor towards bad breath.

Apart from that you need to maintain good dental hygiene  and if the above methods do not work then make sure you visit your dentist.

Photo Credits: Pixabay