Foxconn workers protest over unpaid wages and working conditions

Workers at Foxconn barged out of the facility protesting against the unpaid wages and working conditions at the facility


The main i-Phone manufacturing factory in China seems to be facing major problems. Hundreds of workers of the factory protested and clashed with the security staff after losing patience over the tough restrictions that were implemented to deal with COVID outbreak. The incident happened on November 23, 2022 at Foxconn Technology Group plant  when the workers barged out of the dormitories during the morning hours. The workers were seen pushing and defending against the guards dressed in white.

The number of workers had easily outnumbered the number of staff who were trying their best to defend and bring the situation under control, but in vain. A number of witnessed were seen the white uniform clad people mishandling the workers  white the onlookers were seen yelling ‘fight fight!’. Several workers were seen forcing against the barricades. Others were seen rocking the police car while screaming. The protests began a day before due to unpaid wages apart from fear of spreading infection. A number of workers were injured in the incident and the anti-riot police were also called at the scene.

One of the videos that surfaced on the internet showed some of the agitated workers  the manager in a conference room were narrating about their grievances. They were also questioning their COVID test results . But it was not clear as to when the meeting had taken place. One of the male workers was heard saying that they do not feel safe and that they could all be COVID positive . A representative from Foxconn refused to comment on the current situation.

Tensions at the plant have been building up ever since the lockdown announced in October. The facility has nearly 200,000 people employees and many of them were forced in to isolation and were also forced to remain on limited meals. Last month it was reported that many people had fled from the facility. Foxconn and the local government were under the impression that they had the situation under control.

Photo Credits: Foxconn Official Instagram account