Elon Musk to charge commercial and government users on Twitter

Elon Musk has proposed to charge the commercial and government users on Twitter


After the historic ownership of Twitter by Elon Musk, new possibilities are being hinted at the business. Musk Tweeted with a hint on May 3, 2022 that government and business agencies could face a fee to use Twitter. He also said that Twitter will always be free for casual users but the commercial and government users will have to shell out a fee. The new Tweet came as a reply to a recent message that he had posted regarding the decline of fraternal trade organizations.

If the new policies would be applied, then it would become the first major social media company that would charge the users to interact with people on the platform. Apart from the upcoming chargeable future, the founder of Space X also hinted that he might also ease some of the censorship policies and verify every user. Musk also said that he would convert the headquarters of the company in to a homeless shelter.

The new Twitter owner had earlier said that he was planning to cut the price of the premium membership, Twitter Blue which is currently at $3 per month. He had then said that he would also allow the members to pay for the subscriptions in Dogecoin, which is the preferred cryptocurrency. The premium subscription service by Twitter was rolled out in 2021.

Meanwhile, Musk has given out a number of ideas to the banks so he could get help with his acquisition for $44 billion. He has also suggested monetizing some of the viral tweets and cutting the salaries from the board. Musk is surely at his creative best ever since he has locked the deal and aims to make the platform for free speech across the globe. One has to wait and watch as to the users would be able to appreciate the fresh changes that have been proposed by the Space X founder. With the recent acquisition, Elon Musk is looking forward to introduce a number of changes on the platform.

Photo Credits: Pixabay