Signs of postnatal depression that new mothers should look for

New mothers are often vulnerable to postnatal depression and a few signs could indicate towards the issue

postnatal depression

The phase of carrying a baby for nine months and then the process of giving birth and bringing a little bundle of joy home, is a very special and overwhelming moment in every woman’s life. But not many are aware of the phase that the woman goes through during the initial days of being a new mom. These women are often vulnerable to suffer from postnatal depression and the issue is not much talked about. People around the mother and child and even the family members often ignore the fact that the new mother needs as much attention as the new child. Beware of a few signs that could indicate that you could have postnatal depression.

1. You might experience excessive irritability or could also get angry easily. If such bouts are becoming frequent then it could be a warning sign.

2. Loss of pleasure in many things. This could also include making love with your partner.

3. Crying uncontrollably for the whole day or for long hours. This could also be a warning sign.

4. There are also chances that you might have a tough time to bond with your baby and might also feel worthless and guilty for it.

5. If you feel anxious when you are around the baby then that could also be a warning sign.

6. There are also chances that you might fear that you might be left alone with the baby.

7. You might also find it difficult to fall asleep or could experience changes in your appetite.

8. If you also experience anxiety or panic attacks, then there could be a chance that you might be inching towards postnatal depression.

Look for all of the above signs, but do not worry if you do have some of the above symptoms as it is completely normal and with the help of some advice and medical help, you would soon be able to get back to your normal life and enjoy the phase of motherhood.

Photo Credits: Pixabay