Android 2.2 Update Finally Available For Samsung Galaxy S Phones


Updated Trends: Android 2.2 Update Finally Available For Samsung Galaxy S Phones

The Samsung Galaxy S phones will finally receive their Android 2.2 FroYo update this Halloween. The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the best selling phones by Samsung in the cellphone market today, thanks to it’s Android performance, applications and features. The Galaxy S has become an instant hit in America and all its carriers are planning to bring in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, because of its quality.

It has been disclosed that the Galaxy phones would be receiving their Android 2.2 operating system update this Halloween. But there are some reports stating that the Galaxy phones are already being updated in most of the European countries and other places around the world.

The Android update is available through KIES, which is Samsung’s personal upgrade application, after which the operating system will boost the phone’s performance and will also provide the user with new and exciting features. Some changes will include, improvements in the keypad background and a new layout of the icons. And the best part is that the new OS will boost the phone’s speed by 5 times. The graphics too would be enhanced and the GPS problem has been fixed.