Typhoon Megi Slams Northern Philippines – One Person Dead


Updated Trends: Typhoon Megi Slams Northern Philippines – One Person Dead

The super Typhoon Megi, on Monday, slammed the northern region of Philippines, and it is reported that at least on person is dead. With the storm system sustaining wind speeds of 225 kmph, roofs and temporary houses were completely blown away. There were reports that a man fell into a river and died during the havoc of typhoon Megi.


Megi dumped heavy rain in the region, and along with the rain, strong winds blew with it, making transportation very risky. Electric poles have toppled and as a result, the electricity of the region has gone out. Typhoon Megi is considered to be the most powerful typhoon to have struck the Philippines in four years.

If the storm still continues, then there would be credible damage to the vegetation, and especially crops growing in the October season. In addition to this, houses and building are likely sustain damages which would result in a huge amount of loss. The government on the other hand. was prepared for the storm, and it said that it has already started to send relief materials and food supplies to the northern region of Philippines.