UFO Spotted Over El Paso Texas, Sighting Similar As Manhattan


    Updated Trends: UFO Spotted Over El Paso Texas, Sighting Similar As Manhattan

    Another UFO has been spotted over the skies of El Paso, Texas, and it is reported that the sighting is similar to the one seen in Manhattan. Most of the experts don’t agree with this, as the sighting in Manhattan was termed to be nothing but some silver colored balloons in the sky. Reports state that if those were balloons, then what is this sighting over El Paso, and why are they so similar?
    el paso UFO

    The only similarity found between the two sightings is the formation of the objects, which was shaped more like a triangle. But the UFO’s spotted over El Paso was in the black of the night, not in broad daylight as the Manhattan UFO.

    So this is where believers of the UFO’s stress the trueness of this sighting, because it all happened in the night. Many experts don’t agree to this phenomena, as they say, this is something that has been formed and occurred by the hands of man and people intend to believe the situation as an UFO sighting.