Truck Drivers Join France Pension Strikes


Updated Trends: Truck Drivers Join France Pension Strikes

To make matters worse in France, truck drivers from across the nation have joined the protests against the pension reforms plans by the government. They have started their own demonstrations, which include overnight protests, and a go-slow on the national motorway in Lille and Paris. After truck transporters joined the strikes, France has now partially become disabled.

france strike

More than 1000 fuel stations across the country have already ran out of fuel. The government is looking ahead to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62, and a full pension age from 65 to 67. There will be a further day of strikes on Tuesday, as the Senate will be going ahead with the voting of the new bill.

There are blockades on fuel stations in the western and southern region of France, and the drivers are planning to demonstrate some more go-slow protests against the upcoming reforms. A total of 12 oil refiners are on complete strike for the seventh day on Monday, and if this is to continue, then France will be hit very badly, both commercially and publicly.