7 Surprising things not to be cleaned with water

Not everything can be washed with water and a list below has things that might leave you surprised


Water is a basic ingredient that is also known as the universal solvent and is also used as a cleanser for a number of things. However, there are still a number of things in the household that should not be cleaned with water. Here we will be sharing a list of things that should surprisingly not be cleaned with water.

1. Wood furniture – Wood is porous in nature and can easily absorb moisture. Using water to wipe the furniture can do more of damage than good. You can instead dust or use a vacuum cleaner. Water can also damage the wood and lead to discoloration.

2. Leather – Special cleaning agents should be used to use boots, shoes and upholstery that is made of leather. Water can leave spots and with time it can also cause the leather to crack. Alternatively you can use natural oils like butter, olive oil, coconut oil or even peanut butter.

3. Brass and silver ware – Tarnished brass and silver ware should be cleaned with the help of special agents. Using water will only remove the protective coat of the metals.

4. Musical instruments – Instruments like guitars, violins, pianos and others usually contain metal and wood that should be kept away from moisture and water. Water will discolor the wood and can also remove the protective layer from the metal.

5. Silk – Some of the silks are tagged as ‘washable’, but such a delicate fabric needs special care. Washing silk with water could lead to shrinkage, spots and streaks.

6. Electronic devices – Electronic devices are all around at home and sometimes they can become greasy and dusty. But usage of water to clean them can lead to permanent damage to the sensitive electronic components. A microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol should suffice.

7. Velvet and suede – Such material is mostly found on upholstery, decorative pillows and other décor related stuff. But it can be tricky to clean them. Washing them with water can leave spots and stains and can also cause the fabric to shrink.

Photo Credits: Pixabay