6 Things you should never buy in bulk and why

Buying in bulk can be economic, but there are certain things that should be avoided

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Bulk shopping surely provides a great deal and is a great way to save a lot of money. But one has to be careful and should make sure to be aware of certain things that should not be bought in bulk. Here we will be discussing about a list of things that should not be bought in bulk.

1. Eggs – If you are planning to buy a full box off eggs thinking that it is cheaper per egg than buying a dozen of them, think again. Eggs can go bad in three to five weeks, so buy only how much you need for about a week or you might end up consuming stale eggs.

2. Cooking oils – Cooking oils are counted in staples. Some of the oils like olive and canola oil have a short shelf life and can last from three to six months on the counter. If you do not consume much oil per month while frying and sautéing, make sure that you buy in limited quantities and not in bulk.

3. Coffee – There is nothing better than a fresh brew of coffee in the morning. It can taste good up to two weeks of roasting, so a bulk bag is not a good option unless you are buying it for commercial purpose.

4. Ketchup – A number of condiments including ketchup contain preservatives that assure a long shelf life. But once the packaging is opened, it should be stored in the fridge and for not more than six months. You can skip the over-sized bottles.

5. Sunscreen – A sunscreen lotion can easily lose its effectiveness, especially when the bottle is left under the hot sun on the beach. Make sure you buy sunscreen just enough for your current need and do not stock up unnecessarily.

6. Brown rice – Brown rice properties are different from white rice that can be stored indefinitely. It contains oil that makes it prone to get spoiled. So it is best to buy how much you cook.

Photo Credits: Pixabay