6 Things that should not be used with vinegar

Vinegar is a great cleaning ingredient, but should not be used to clean certain things


Vinegar is not just used in the kitchen as an ingredient but is also used as a cleaning agent. It is used in a number of ways for cleaning purposes but there are certain things that should be avoided. Here we will be discussing about a few things that should not be cleaned with vinegar.

1. Marble – Marble is used at a number of places including countertops and floor. But for marble one has to be careful and should stick to some mild soap with a damp cloth. Vinegar can react with the marble and can cause the surface to erode. It can spoil its luster and affect its natural color as well.

2. Knives – You might feel the urge to clean your knives with a good agent. But using vinegar is a bad idea for knives. It can erode the metal and make the edges of the knife dull. To wash your knife, you can use some soap and warm water. Make sure that you dry the knives properly before putting it back to the storage.

3. Ceramic tiles – Ceramic tiles can be prone to stains but usage of vinegar can dissolve the finish of the tiles. Here as well, you can use soap or detergent with water. Sometimes the manufactures offer cleaning instructions that mention about the products that are safe to be used.

4. Cleaning up spilled eggs – If you have spilled eggs in the kitchen while cooking, make sure that you do not use the acidic agent for cleaning. It can thicken the egg and harden. The best way to clean eggs is with salt.

5. Dishwasher – The kitchen ingredient in question here is not harmful, but it can react with some parts of the appliance including the rubber gaskets and hoses.

6. Cellphones /computer screens – The cellphone screens/computer screens have a protective layer that can be stripped off. You can use a gentle microfiber cloth with some isopropyl alcohol to clean the electronic devices.

Photo Credits: Pixabay