Cyber Monday sales faced dip due to early shopping trend

The early shopping trend on Cyber Monday had forced a number of consumers shop early due to unpredictable product availability


A report from Adobe analytics revealed that the sales of Cyber Monday were down by 1.4 percent year over year. It was noticed that the shoppers spent $10.7 billion in 2021 which was $100 million less than the $10.8 billion consumers spent in 2020. Even the holiday shopping report by Amazon had backed the claims that the Cyber Monday sales were down. In 2018, Amazon had claimed that the Cyber Monday was the single biggest shopping day of the platform in the history of the company.

In 2020, the Thanksgiving weekend had proved to be the largest holiday shopping season in the history of Amazon. But this year, there is no news of Amazon having the best shopping day or season. To make things up , Amazon instead boasted about having the biggest beginning of the holiday shopping season along with a record breaking Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but still did not specify as to which record it broke.

The latest trend in shopping was noticed after a dip was also noticed during the Black Friday sales. The shoppers had taken the advantage of the sales and promotions earlier in the holiday season and are now done with it. It also seemed like an early shopping trend where people took the opportunity to grab the deals due to the threat for the future supplies faced by a number of suppliers in recent times. A number of people had finished shopping in October and November due to fears that the stocks might not last till the later Cyber deals.

A number of experts had also warned the consumers about the availability of the products that they desired for as the supply constraints continued to remain unpredictable. Adobe revealed that the products like Apple Watches, AirPods, Apple Pencils, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S, Meta that was earlier known as the Oculus, Quest 2, laptops from HP, Dell and Lenovo were the top sellers during the Cyber Monday sales.

Photo Credits: Pixabay