5 Mistakes people make while using a vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner must be used in the right way to make sure that the device works at its best capacity


A vacuum cleaner is an essential device that is found in almost every household. One of the biggest advantages of having such an appliance is to allow deep cleaning of the house. Superficial cleaning leaves the house dusty and vulnerable to infections and bacteria. But one has to also make sure that they are making the proper usage of the vacuum cleaner. Here are a few mistakes that many people make while using a vacuum cleaner.

1. Vacuuming too fast – While using a vacuum cleaner, you need to be patient and stroke the carpet or the upholstery with slow and heavy movements. Only then the appliance helps in deep cleaning and helps to get rid of the fine dust particles that can otherwise remain where they were.

2. Not sweeping first – Do not expect everything to be sucked out by the appliance. You need to make sure that you sweep the area first. Sweeping also leaves only the minute dust particles to be sucked out, or the appliance uses up most of its power taking out the bigger particles.

3. Not vacuuming in different directions – The appliance works effectively and efficiently when it is used in different direction with the right attachments. Make sure that you are vacuuming in different directions and are also using the right attachments for the right places. For instance you need to use the nozzle attachment to fish out the dust that is stuck between the cushions.

4. Not picking up the large items first – People who have kids tend to have tiny pieces of toys on the floor that can be picked-up by the appliance. If it is not picked up then these tiny items can block the machine and reduce the capacity of it.

5. Not cleaning the filter – Make sure that you are cleaning the filter of the vacuum cleaner before you begin a new cleaning session. The clogged air filters restrict the air flow and results in a unit that loses suction.

Photo Credits: Pixabay