Extra care tips for hair during winter season

Hair has different needs during different seasons a few tips can help you with the changing seasons

hair tips

The winter season is here and this is the time the hair will need some extra care and nutrition. The texture and the needs of your hair tend to change with season. This means that along with the skincare routine, the hair also needs a change in care. This happens due to the change in the heat and humidity levels in the atmosphere. Here we will be discussing about a few tips that will help to manage your hair as the temperature drops.

1. Use sulphate free shampoos – There are a number of shampoos in the market that do not have sulphate in their products. Sulphate free shampoos helps to lock in the moisture and keep the hair frizz free.

2. Deep conditioning – While selecting a conditioner, make sure that it contains Jojoba oil, coconut oil that provide better conditioning and provide the hair with the much needed moisture during the dry winter season.

3. Oiling – Oiling is a great way to lock the moisture in the hair. You can mix coconut oil with aloe vera gel and apply it on the hair generously. Optionally you can also give your hair some steam as it opens the pores and the goodness of coconut oil and aloe vera will penetrate within the scalp.

4. Avoid styling tools – Winter is a time when the weather already makes the hair dry and frizzy. Styling tools contain heat and can make things worse and even make the hair brittle.

5. Hair mask – for a better conditioning effect, there are hair masks, that contain natural ingredients like eggs, curd and honey. They provide the much needed conditioning effect and leave the hair moisturized.

6. Keep trimming ends– Make sure that you keep trimming the ends of the hair. Dry season can cause split ends and to avoid them it is best to keep trimming the ends.

Apart from the above tips, it is also important to consume healthy food that have plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Photo Credits: Pixabay