Things that we thought lasted longer but have an expiry date

Things that you might not realize that have an expiry date and should be replaced


There are a number of things in a household that we use on an everyday basis. We presume that many of these things can last for a lifetime and do not have to be replaced. But the fact is different. There are many things that need to be changed from time to time. Here we will be looking in to the things that we end up using longer than we should.

1. Portable power strips – These need to be changed every 2 years. Although they do not come with an expiry date, but their efficiency goes down. Even if you notice burn marks around the socket, then it is time for them to be changed.

2. Home slippers – Many people might have an opinion that home slippers do not get soiled any soon as they remain inside the house. But the fact is that they are used in the bathroom and the kitchen which can be very unhygienic. Even with regular washes, they should still be changed every 6 months.

3. Spices – Many people tend to store spices for a longer time in the kitchen cabinet. But the fact is that they lose their flavor and appear in 1 to 4 years.

4. Perfume – On an average the shelf life of a perfume is 3 years. They can be used as long as their scent remains the same. Some of them could turn sour or acidic.

5. Pillows – The pillows absorb your sweat, oil from the hair, dead skin cells and dust mites. They can become a breading place for bacteria and allergens. It is best to replace then every 2 to 3 years.

6. Wood spoons – Wood spoons and ladles should be replaced after one year of usage. They can develop tiny chips and cracks and soak oil. Even if they are washed properly, they can still become a breading place for bacteria.

7. Running shows – Running shoes should be replaced every 450-550 miles which means, if you run for 5 miles a day, then you will need a replacement in 90 to 100 days.

Photo Credits: Pixabay