Foods that help to remain away from early signs of ageing

Early signs of ageing can be avoided by co summing a few foods on a regular basis


No matter how hard you try, signs of ageing do show up on the face at some time especially after the age of 35. While it depends on what kind of lifestyle the person leads, the appearance of signs of ageing can be delayed by consumption of a few foods on a regular basis. Here are a few foods that can help to delay the appearance of signs of ageing.

1. Avocados – The avocados is a breakfast basic in a number of countries and contains a number of anti-ageing properties including Vitamin A, omega fats and other nutrients. Regular consumption of avocados help with healthier skin and hair. The fruit also helps to improve the bone density.

2. Walnuts –Walnuts are said to have the purest form of anti-ageing supplements. These dry fruits help to keep the mind young and also help to keep the heart healthy. They also contain a lot of Omega fats and improves the good cholesterol levels.

3. Blueberries – Blueberries are fruits that are rich in anti-oxidants. They are low on sodium levels and calories and are rich in vitamin A and C and folic acid. Blueberries not just delay the ageing process but also gives a glowing skin.

4. Dark Chocolate – Dark chocolate is bitter in taste and has a number of health benefits. It helps to protect the heart from a number of ailments. The contents of dark chocolate help to elevate the mood and produces good hormones. It can be consumed in a small quantity and regular intake can give a glowing skin.

5. Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes contain plenty of Vitamin C and helps in stimulating the production of collagen. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines. They can be had in a number of ways and can also be eaten as a snack. They are versatile and can be eaten either boiled or baked.

Photo Credits: Pixabay