4 Things that you did not know about your brain

The brain has a number of abilities and is also mysterious in a number of ways


Not many people are aware that the mind has different sections that determine, the imagination, consciousness, intelligence, judgement, language, perception, thinking and memory. While these are cognitive aspects, there are also non-cognitive aspects that include instincts and emotions. The study of mind and power has always been intriguing for many generations. If you are curious of what your brain actually is, this is the right place as we will be discussing about some of the facts which are not known by many.

1. Your mind can help to change your life – The brain gets wired with every thought and they can be rewired so you can get the same results again. If you are not satisfied with the way your life is going, you need to just change the way you are thinking. The new thinking rewires the brain and changes the behavior, actions, responses and emotions.

2. Your thoughts means self-talk – All that you are thinking is self-talk. Make sure that you are mindful of what you are thinking. It can also be called as inner speech, speaking while thinking or covert speech, they are all the same. Some of the experiments have proved, that the brain has the ability to hear and would also process the thoughts to create it in real life.

3. There is nothing like multi-tasking – The brain network is such that it can at a time focus only on a single thing at a time. Even when one feels that they are multi-tasking, then they are actually hopping from one task to other. If you focus on a task at a time, you would get better results.

4. The mind can teach the brain to be happier –It is normal for the brain to react more strongly to the things that it perceives as bad, like a threat, problems, errors, danger and others. But the mind has the power to train itself to make new neural pathways to be happier, with the help of a number of methods like visualization, NLP, self-love, gratitude and more.

Photo Credits: Pixabay