6 Foods never to be tossed in a microwave

The Microwave is a useful appliance but it has its own limitations with certain foods


The microwave is indeed a very useful appliance and can be found in all households. It is a great appliance for re-heating food , but you need to be careful and certain about tossing a few types of foods. Here is a list of foods that you should not put in to the microwave.

1. Meat – Frozen meat can be tricky to defrost. If it is tossed in the microwave, then the thinner edges can start cooking while leaving the thicker middle portion frozen. This would lead to uneven distribution of heat and could lead to bacteria. The best way to thaw meat, is to leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

2. Hard boiled eggs – tossing hard boiled eggs in the microwave can be risky. The appliance generates rapid heat and leaves the eggs filled with steam and since it does not have anywhere to escape, it can explode and lead to a big mess or could even burn your fingers.

3. Breast milk – Microwave warms food unevenly and having hot spots in the breast milk could be sensitive for the little ones who are consuming it. Moreover, the appliance could also destroy the immune-boosting properties of the milk.

4. Deserts with silver leaves – There are certain deserts that contain silver or gold leaves. They are very thin, but such sweets should not be heated in the appliance. The microwave can react with the leaves and leave the desert with a burned coat while completely spoiling the taste.

5. Hot peppers – Hot peppers or chillies contain the chemical known as capsaicin that makes the pepper hot. They can create smoke that could release in the air and causing your eyes to sting and your throat burn.

6. Grapes – Grapes mostly contain water, but they can ignite when they are microwaved. They could ignite and explode in to flames. The dry version, raisins can turn in to smoke.

Photo Credits: Pixabay