5 Things you should never touch in someone else’s house

When you are visiting someone else’s house there are certain things that you should refrain from touching


Visiting someone’s house has become a regular phenomenon, especially during the pandemic when stepping out was not the option. While it is a pleasant experience to visit someone’s house, there are certain etiquettes that should be followed. Here are a few things that you should never touch when you are visiting someone else’s house.

1. The fridge and cupboards – This is pretty obvious, but a few people might have a habit of being too comfortable. The fridge and the cupboard are utilities where the host keeps their personal belongings and there could be certain things that the host might not be comfortable showing.

2. Windows and thermostat – it is always better to allow the host to operate the thermostat figures. Since they are the ones paying the bill for it, it is better to allow to operate the appliance. If you have a problem with the temperature, you can make a request towards the host for adjustments.

3. Drawers and cabinets – These are the places where your hands could automatically move and you could be tempted to just open and see its contents. But that does not look good. You might again be infringing the host’s privacy.

4. Mails, bills or workspaces – It is not good manners to sneak in to the bills or mails of the host. You are also expected to stay away from the work space inside the house, as that is an important space that could have important documents.

5. The Wi Fi – It is not good to ask for the Wi Fi password of the host unless you are a long term guest. Asking for it at the beginning could convey a message that you might be more interested in looking at your phone. Spending more time on the phone at the host’s house would be rude. It is recommended to spend quality time with the host at the gathering.

Photo Credits: Pixabay