6 Habits that can damage your home appliances

There are certain everyday habits that could damage your everyday home appliances

Home appliances

Your appliances at home make your everyday life easy and should be maintained with proper use. Proper use also includes proper usage of the appliance. There could be certain habits that could be damaging your appliances. Sit back and relax and read all the habits that might not be healthy for your appliances at home.

1. Coins in your pockets – before you toss your trousers and denims in to the washer, make sure that you remove all the coins and currency notes . The loose coins can damage the drum and could also lead to blockage of the drain. Blocked drains or other problems caused by the coins can lead to expensive repairs.

2. Hot water in garbage disposal – You might think that hot water can help clean the drain, but it is wise to use cold water instead. Hot water can damage the pipes and if the temperature of the water is higher, then the damage could be bigger.

3. Overfilling the freezer – The freezer is a good place to store your food for a longer time. But it is not good to overfill the space. Overfilling can block the air vents and restrict the air flow. This could burden the condenser of the refrigerator.

4. Overloading the washing machine – You could be tempted to wash majority of the clothes in one wash cycle, but that might not be healthy for your device. The drum alignment goes for a toss and could lead to a damage.

5. Using a cast iron on the ceramic range – The cast iron pan has a rough surface and could cause scratches on the ceramic cooktop. It is wise to use cookware that is coated.

6. Sharp objects in dishwasher – if you want to wash knives, then toss it in the cutlery basket. If any nicks are caused in the vinyl coating of the racks, it could lead to rust.

Photo Credits: Pixabay