6 Easy ways to deal with negative energy at home

Negative energy at home can make you feel gloomy and affect your everyday routine

negative energy

A home is a place where you feel comfortable and allows you to drop your inhibitions and fears. But when that feeling goes away and makes you feel gloomy and sad all the time, it can be a sign of negative energy at home. This negative energy can impact your mood and also hamper your everyday routine. But there are a few easy ways to deal with it and here we will be discussing about a few of them.

1. Allow natural light – Natural light should be allowed inside the house by opening the doors and windows. This not just brings brightness in the house but also allows fresh air to the dark rooms and gloomy rooms.

2. Burn incense sticks – The market has a number of incense sticks with natural herbs. Burning them allows to get rid of all the negative energy at home. The mellow fragrance elevates the mood of the people sitting in the vicinity.

3. Indoor plants – Place some indoor plants in some attractive pots. There are a number of indoor plants that can survive indoors and do not need much maintenance. It helps to bring some freshness in the space.

4. Do not keep broken furniture – Any broken or outdated furniture should not be kept at home. Make sure that you keep DE cluttering your space and get rid of anything that is no longer useful. This helps to invite new beginnings and a fresh perspective to your house.

5. Spray lemon or orange air fresheners – Air fresheners with lemon fragrance can instantly lift up your mood and energy of the house. Alternatively you can also use orange peels or lemon zest as fragrant scents at home. This citrusy fragrance instantly helps to lift up the mood and clears all the negative energy.

6. Salt in corners – Salt absorbs any negative energy. You can add salt to the water used to clean the house or you could fill salt at the corners of the house and let it sit there for 2 days. After two days you can clear the salt with a broom stick and throw it in the trash.

Photo Credits: Pixabay