Unknown uses of laundry detergent on an everyday basis

Apart from cleaning clothes laundry detergent has a number of other uses as well

laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is certainly used to clean your laundry, but not many are aware of its other uses as well. It is a cleaning agent and has a number of other uses as well. Here we will be discussing about a few unknown uses of laundry detergent that not many are aware of.

1. Unclogs the drain – Yes, this could be surprising for many, but before you call the plumber for a clogged drain, make sure that you try this trick first. You have to pour 1/4th cup of liquid of laundry detergent down the sink and then slow pour a gallon of boiling water. The hot water and the slippery detergent work together and flush the clog.

2. All-purpose cleaner – It can also be used as an all-purpose cleaner for cleaning the bathroom walls and tiles. You need to mix a cup of bleach, one gallon of water and a teaspoon of laundry detergent powder. It works as a great cleaning agent for the bathroom surfaces. Make sure that you rinse well with plain water to get rid of the slippery surface.

3. Stain remover – the fabric on your couch cannot be removed so it could be washed. But laundry detergent can help to clean the stains on them. You need to mix half a litre of water with a cup of laundry detergent. Spray the solution on the stains and brush the area with the help of a laundry brush. Use a wet vacuum cleaner to pull out the moisture.

4. Car wash – when you are out of car washing solution, laundry detergent can come to your rescue. You just need to dilute it with some water and use it to wash the car. But make sure that you use a mild detergent, or you could end up damaging the paint of the car.

5. Floor cleaner – Laundry detergent has enzymes that work great to pull out the dirt from the floors. Fill the mop bucket with hot water with just one teaspoon of detergent. Make sure that you clean the floor with normal water as well to get rid of the slipperiness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay