Things that can make your house look messy

You might not realize but a number of simple things can make your house look messy


We often think what makes the house look neat and tidy but sometimes we end up doing the wrong things and it makes it look even messier. You might have the habit of keeping your house clean and dust free, but there are still certain things that might not be working well and would be making your house look messy and untidy. Here are a few things that you need to avoid.

1. Having a sofa bed – Many people think that it would be ideal to have a sofa bed instead of a proper bed to save on money. But that is not the fact. Sofa beds offer less space that also affects the quality of your sleep. It makes no sense on transforming the sofa bed everyday which actually takes a longer time.

2. Collect plastic bags – Indeed they might be useful and we often have the urge, not to throw them away. One day you could end up having a big mess with the excessive plastic bags. If you still want to have them, then it is advisable to keep them in a small box and try not to exceed the number of plastic bags to make them overflow from the box.

3. Overloading coat rack – The coat rack in the hall way is a good place to hang your jackets, bags and umbrellas. But always make sure that you keep clearing the space or it might end up overflowing with things.

4. Open shelves – Open shelves in the kitchen is a common concept. But the kitchen has dust and grease which can mix and end up on the bottles and become hard to clean. The best way to deal with it is to have closed cabinets.

5. Banquet tables – Many people tend to buy big tables that are expandable to be used when they have guests. But the fact is that the frequency to have guests is not so often. They can take up a lot of space and attract dust. It is better to have smaller and round shaped tables.

Photo Credits: Pixabay