6 Things to keep in mind when you visit a new mother and her infant

When you are visiting a new mother and her infant there are certain things and subjects that you should avoid to touch

new mother

The birth of a new child in a family is a very overwhelming experience for the family members and the friends and relatives around them. You might be excited to see the new family member and greet the new mother and wish her well. But when you actually do that remember certain things and make sure that you avoid asking or saying certain things. This is a healing phase for the woman who has just given birth and is undergoing plenty of thoughts with a rush of hormones inside her. Make sure that you are sensitive towards what you are talking. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Avoid asking questions if the baby is on baby formula or on breast milk. Give the mother and the baby some privacy.
  2. Also avoid talking about certain topics like the sleep training methods that you might have excelled at and parenting styles that you do not approve. Let the new parents decide on what is best for their child.
  3. Do not tell the mother that the child looks weak and do not comment on the milk production. It is rude.
  4. Also do not ask if the mother has  had a C-section delivery or a normal delivery. Do not ask questions about the epidural or the drugs taken during child birth. These are too personal and sensitive topics.
  5. One of the worst things that you could ask the mother if the labor was painful. Do not remind her of the painful moments that she has undergone recently. This is her time to heal and talk to her something that is pleasant and encouraging.
  6. Never demand to name the baby even if you are related to the person. It is a very personal thing to ask and the new parents might have planned about it at some point. Understand that the new parents might have thought about a number of things for the child.

Photo Credits: Pixabay