5 Easy ways to avoid motion sickness while travelling

Motion sickness could be easily avoided with the help of a few easy tricks

motion sickness

Motion sickness is dreaded by many people who are not fond of travelling as they are aware that it will somehow make them sick. The condition is triggered due to sensory disorientation between the inner ears and eyes and can strike anyone who riding or is on a moving vehicle. It is usually caused as the eyes and ears receive confusing messages about the movement that is moving around you. If you are one of those who is often prone to motion sickness, then here are a few tips that can help you to avoid.

  1. Sit on the opposite direction of your movement – If you are not driving the vehicle, then you can face the opposite direction from where you are going. This tricks the brain in to believing that you are moving backwards. Under such circumstances you might not feel the need to vomit or get disoriented.
  2. Get some fresh air – When you just begin to feel uneasy, then you could roll down the window or stop the vehicle and have a short walk outside. Alternatively you could also turn the air conditioning vents towards you and allow the air to blow on your face.
  3. Avoid having large meals before you begin your journey –If you are prone to motion sickness make sure that you don’t have a large meal before you begin and could have something lighter to make things easy. Also avoid having fried foods, crisps, chips, or oily foods that are tough on the digestive system and could make you feel uneasy while travelling.
  4. Listen to music  – You could ease the symptoms of motion sickness  by listening to your favourite music. You could turn on the radio or put in your ear plugs.
  5. Take a medication – There are a number of over the counter drugs that are prescribed for nausea. But make sure that you take them after consulting your physician.

Photo Credits: Pixabay