5 Easy ways to deal with your anger

Anger is an emotion that can affect your professional and personal lives, but there are a few ways to deal with it with ease


Anger is a very unpleasant emotion and could leave your disturbed for a long time or could also be a temporary phase. The person in this phase becomes tense, stressed and agitated. Although it is a negative emotion, it is very normal to feel angry and it is also better to let you’re your feelings instead of suppressing it. But expressing anger could mean that someone could be at the receiving end and could also spoil relationships. Here are a few ways you can deal with your anger with ease.

1. Find a better and creative outlet – It is not always essential to get angry or aggressive to vent out your feelings. You can find a creative option as well. For instance you can pick up a hobby, so when you feel the emotion is taking over, you can switch to a pause mode and switch to your hobby for a while till you feel better.

2. Deep breathing – Deep breathing is one of the magical ways to deal with your out of control emotions. It is also advised to practice breathing techniques that helps to keep you calm. Try to maintain a calm composure and avoid getting in to verbal arguments.

3. Exercise – Regular exercise helps to release the good hormones in the body and makes it easy for you to deal with tricky situations.

4. Meditate – Meditation is also a must on an everyday basis. If you are not habitual of meditation, then you can begin with 10 minutes of meditation in silence and then gradually increase the time till you are convenient.

5. Seek help – If the above tips do not work in any way, then it is OK to seek help from a counselor and that does not make you crazy. Professional people will let you know about certain tricks that you can apply in real life and do not always prescribe medicines.

Photo Credits: Pixabay