5 Easy ways to get back to your regular sleep cycle

Sleep cycle can be disturbed for a number of reasons but could be brought back in track with a few tips

sleep cycle

There can be many occasions when your regular schedule could be disturbed due to a number of reasons. This can lead to a disturbance to your sleep cycle and you could end up changing sides on your bed in the night. Majority of people face this problem and often find it hard to get back to their regular sleep cycle. One of the most common reasons for lack of sleep is stress which also disturbs the eating habits and your day-to day activities. Here are a few tips that can help you to get back to your regular sleep cycle.

1. Limit the screen time – The usage of devices has increased in recent times especially since the coronavirus pandemic started. Entertainment has become easily accessible, but not many realize that it has increased the average screen time of a person. Reducing the screen time will help your brain to relax and will make it easy to fall asleep.

2. Avoid day time naps – There could be a time during the day time when you could be tempted to take a short nap. But this short nap could easily be extended and will affect your night time sleep. If you feel tired in the day, you could sip on some water or just a cup of tea/coffee.

3. Reading – Reading is a great way to rock your brain to sleep. This can be a great tip for people who love to read books. Pick up a book of your favourite genre and read it before you are planning to sleep.

4. Exercise – Exercise is a great way to get your body to do some work. It is just good for your overall health, but will also make your body tired by the end of the day and would make it easy for you to fall asleep during the night time. It is advised to work out for at least one hour in the morning for a good night sleep in the night.

Photo Credits: Pixabay