Whirlpool announces $1000 incentive for employees who get vaccinated against COVID-19

Whirlpool has announced that it will be giving a $1000 incentive for the employees who get vaccinated against COVID-19


It has become a trend for the companies across the globe to offer incentives to the employees to get themselves vaccinated against coronavirus. Getting vaccinated is the key to bring an end to the pandemic and the new delta variant threat has made things critical. Electronics giant Whirlpool has announced that it will be paying its workers $1000 to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The recent announcement will be a good measure amidst a time when a number of people continue to remain hesitant to get vaccinated.

The Biden administration is preparing for an emergency rule that will require the big companies like Whirlpool to ensure that their entire workforce is vaccinated and even the unvaccinated staff will be subject to weekly testing. Officials of the Biden administration have also warned that the companies that do not comply with the rule could face a fine of up to $14,000 per violation. Whirlpool was already offering an incentive of a smaller amount for people who get vaccinated, but it was only last week that the incentive was increased to $1000.

Chad Parks, the spokesperson of Whirlpool has said that the increased vaccine bonus will be applied to the employees who were earlier vaccinated and also for the newly vaccinated ones. The spokesperson declined to say how much the previous incentive was. The company released a statement that said that the health and safety of their employees remains their top priority. Whirlpool added that the employees have been working hard through the pandemic to serve their consumers, who depend on their products more than ever.

Even Vanguard had announced a $1000 incentive for its employees earlier in the summer. It has applied the inceptive to 16,500 of its employees in the United States who show a proof of the vaccine by October 1, 2021. Other companies are also offering a reasonable incentive for its employees who get vaccinated.

Photo Credits: Pixabay