Things that should never be left inside a car

There are certain things that should not be kept inside the car


There are a number of things that car owners prefer to keep inside their car for their convenience. They keep these things as spare just in case they forget to take from home. This could sound systematic, but there are still some of the things that should not be left inside a car.

1. Electronic devices – Electronic devices are sensitive to heat and there can be times when you might end up parking under the hot sun. The device could get heated up with a risk of a blast. It could also pose a risk for the car as a small blast could end up your car in flames.

2. Medicines – Any medication should be kept in a cool and dry place. The car can be placed in different temperatures. Heat can make the drugs harmful and also make them less effective.

3. Water bottles – The water that is stored in water bottles could have harmful BPA and phthalates which are chemicals found in plastic bottles. It could lead to health conditions like heart diseases or cancer.

4. Handbags – Leaving a handbag inside the car could attract the thieves. If you have to keep, then you could conceal it under the seat.

5. Pets – Pets should be treated like your kids and never ever leave them inside the car. The temperature can reach 45 F or higher that could give your pet heat strokes.

6. Groceries – Your groceries could include perishable food that should be kept inside the fridge as soon as they are brought.

7. Aerosol cans – These cans have warning labels that they should not be stored in temperatures above 120 F. With the rise in temperature, the pressure inside the can could increase and explode.

8. Plants – If you are a gardener and have brought some plants, then do not leave them inside the car. The temperature inside the car could kill them within a few hours. It is important to bring them inside as soon as possible.

Photo Credits: Pixabay