7 Everyday items at home to be thrown in garbage immediately

There are a number of things at home that occupy unnecessary space and should be disposed off immediately


We all love to be in a home that is cozy, peaceful and clean. But there are times when we tend to gather clutter in the house that usually goes unnoticed. If you notice closely, there are a number of corners in the house that has something that needs to be disposed off but are still kept that occupies a lot of space. Here we will be helping with a list of things that should not be kept at home and should be thrown in to the garbage immediately.

1. Lamps and figurines – Some of these are battery operated and only occupy unnecessary space on the table. They are never used but the built-in light forces us to keep them as a décor items.

2. Old shoes – Shoes that have become old but are still intact are of no use. If you try to wear them they will tear off as soon as you take a few steps. Shoes that are too old should be disposed immediately.

3. Empty perfume bottles – These perfume bottles look attractive and force you not to dispose the bottles. They are never used and simply occupy space.

4. Old computer monitors – Some of the old computer devices and monitors usually occupy a lot of space in your basement. It is wise to give them up for recycling. There are a number of companies that help with recycling of such items.

5. Cardboard boxes – These cardboard boxes have been accumulated from the appliance purchases. They continue to occupy space as long as their warranty expires.

6. Candle holders – These candle holders look attractive when they are displayed on the shop window. With time, the décor item becomes a dust accumulator.

7. Old spoons and forks – Every house hold surely has old spoons and forks that have darkened and are no longer used. It is wise to give them up for recycling. They will only occupy valuable space in your kitchen drawers.

Photo Credits: Pixabay