Myths about nutrition that should not be believed

There are certain nutrition myths that need to be addressed as it could deprive the body of the essential nutrients


Nutrition is essential for the body and its proper functioning. Following a nutritious diet is not easy but there are a number of myths that are related to it. Even then a number of us do not fall in to these nutrition myths, but the pandemic triggered it again and left a number of people unaware of the actual facts. Here we will be discussing about a few myths that are related to nutrition and should not be believed.

Myth 1 – people with diabetes can have jiggery
Fact – The fact is that there is no difference between sugar and jiggery and is still a no for people with diabetes. But people who are not diabetic can have jaggery as a substitute for sugar.

Myth 2 – Banana should not be eaten in the evening
Fact – this does not hold any truth. Just like any fruit, banana can be eaten any time of the day, even in the night.

Myth 3 – Should not eat rice if you have cold
Fact – This is one of the biggest myth. For a number of people rice is a staple food but they continue to have it despite of their health.

Myth 4 – Coffee is not good for health
Fact – Some people opine that too much of caffeine is not good for health. But the fact is that coffee and tea have caffeine and also works as an anti-oxidant. One or two cups of coffee or tea in a day does no harm. Anything in excess is certainly not good for health.

Myth 5 – Curd should not be consumed when having cold/cough
Fact – Curd has a number of nutrients which is good for health. There are a number of people who live in cold countries and consume curd as a staple. This means that there is no relation between having a cold and consuming curd.

Myth 6 – Milk increases the production of mucus
Fact – No research has said that dairy products increases the production of mucus. If someone has a feeling of mucus after consuming milk or dairy products then that can be due to the thickness and creamy texture.

Photo Credits: Pixabay