6 Basic things that your car mechanic wants you to know

Your car mechanic needs you to know some of the basics of your car that should never be ignored

car mechanic

Just like the doctor knows the best what is good for their patients, a car mechanic only knows that is best for the cars. Even the owners of the cars might not be completely aware of certain technicalities that these mechanics are aware of. Here we will be discussing about certain things should not be done and things that your mechanic wished you did for your car.

1. Ignoring the ‘check engine’ sign – The ‘check engine’ sign lights up when there could be some malfunction in the engine. Many people tend to ignore this sign and do not take it seriously. The wise thing to do it to consult the appropriate person or the auto company.

2. Waiting too long for routine maintenance – The vehicle needs timely service and should be done after the vehicle has been driven for some kilometers or after a certain amount of days. Whichever is early. Things like coolant, engine oil and a few other things need to be replaced for the better functioning and long life of the vehicle.

3. Driving with worn tires – Tires are indeed expensive and could cost you a lot. But not changing them timely could get you in to a risk of an accident.

4. Bringing your own parts – This is done a number of times to save on the money spent on original parts. This might be easy on your pocket but not on your vehicle. Auto companies provide original and genuine parts that prolong the life of your car.

5. Ignoring noises – There could be a condition when the vehicles could start making noises and could be a sign of something wrong with the car engine or even the drive belt. Ignoring the problem could decrease the life of your engine.

6. Ignoring smells – There could be times when certain oils or fluids could leak out from different parts. It could also indicate with a foul or unusual smell that could be from the power steering damage or an engine malfunction. Make sure that you get that checked.

Photo Credits: Pixabay