World Photography Day – Tips for clicking best possible pictures

This World Photography Day, here are a few handy tips that can be used to click best possible pictures


August 19 is observed as the World Photography Day all over the world. This is the day when photographers take pride in their profession and skills and others appreciate the skills that people have as they help to capture the most memorable moments. Although it takes a lot to learn the skill including some good equipment but here we will be discussing about a few tips that can help even amateurs to click the best possible picture.

1. Good lighting – For a good and a clear picture, some good lights or a well-lit place is the foundation. At the same time, one has to also ensure that the light is not too harsh or it could lead to unessential shadows. Also ensure that the brightness does not come from behind the subject.

2. Decide on your focus point – Before you decide to click a picture make sure that you decide on what you would like to focus on. For instance, it could be a person standing in a garden or it could just be the flowers.

3. Make use of a tripod – a tripod is used for a steady picture. It could be handy when you are shooting at a busy place or if some reason you are not able to hold the camera still. An unsteady hold can get you blurry pictures. To prevent this it is suggested to make use of a tripod. It also helps you to click your pictures even if you are alone.

4. Make use of flash when essential – A flash can be used at a place where there is not enough light. A flash in the camera can come handy when you want to click a beautiful landscape, but there is not enough light in the atmosphere. However, you need to be wise while making use of it as a flash might also spoil your pictures and should be used only when it is essential.

Photo Credits: Pixabay