5 Basic etiquettes that should be taught in school

There are certain etiquettes that are related to technology and should be taught in school


Etiquettes have always been important and need to be followed by not just adults but by children also. While not many education systems have basic etiquettes in their syllabus and that is because the etiquettes related to technology is significantly new. Children have become well-versed with the recently technology that comes with smartphones and other devices that are easily accessed. But there are certain etiquettes that need to be followed while you are dealing with the technology and other factors that are new.

1. Face-to-face interactions – In the current phase most of the interactions are done online or virtually, but it continues to be important to know about the right way to interact face-to-face with a person, associate or a senior. It is found that people especially youngsters have a too casual approach in a corporate setting and this has to be made a habit right from the school.

2. Usage of cellphones in different settings – Cellphones have become a part of a number of people’s lives. They need to be taught where to use and when to keep them away. For instance, it is rude for a student to attend a call or check their phones while in a class or while having a conversation with another person.

3. Usage of cameras respectfully – The camera phones are popular and the selfie trend continues to be a menace in certain settings. People taking a picture should ask permission of the person they are trying to click a picture of. Students in school should also adhere the rules related to cellphone usage.

4. Do not text a drive – This one is basic just like learning how to cross a road after looking left and right. Schools should teach children, not to text or check their phones while driving.

5. Posture improving – Posture is important as it is also a way to show respect to the teachers. The body language sends a number of messages and students need to realize this.

Photo Credits: Pixabay