Things that should not be stored in the garage

The garage is a place meant for your car but a number of people also use the space to store unwanted things


The garage is a place that is almost outside of the house and has the most natural environment. Under a number of circumstances it is not possible to remain for a longer time in this place. It is only meant for parking your car but many people also use this place to store some of the unwanted household items. While that is completely fine, there are certain things that you should be careful about and make sure that you don’t keep certain things in your garage.

1. Canned food – Some people tend to run out of the kitchen storage space and keep some of the canned food in the garage. But the natural conditions in the garage is not suitable for storing food. Such products should be stored in a cool and dry place and most of the garage spaces do not have such an environment.

2. Firewood – The garage could be a tempting place to keep your firewood so that they can be easily accessed. But the cord of wood can attract pests, who can eventually migrate in to the house.

3. Propane – A number of people store propane tanks that are used for barbeque or camp fire. But such propane tanks are not suitable to be stored in closed spaces as there is a risk of asphyxiation and fire hazard. If the propane leaks, just a small spark can ignite the entire garage and the house.

4. Electronics – Old gaming consoles or outdated printers, DVD players or computers are often left in the garage where there could be a lot of moisture which can ruin the electronics. It is ideal to donate or give it away to a family member or friends.

5. Treasured photographs – These are things that are memories and should would never want to lose them. The place can have lot of moisture and can ruin the pictures that are previous and valuable.

Photo Credits: Pixabay