Full approval of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine would help to curb vaccine hesitancy?

COVID-19 Vaccine hesitancy continues to exist among people who do not trust on the pharma giants and governments

vaccine hesitancy

The Pfizer vaccine for COVID-19 was one of the first vaccines that was launched in 2020 to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and stop the spread. The pharma giant got an emergency approval of the vaccine that could be administered to the general public but despite the awareness created, there are still people who continue to remain hesitant to get themselves vaccinated. The United States Food and Drug Administration has said that it is taking all the essential steps to give a full approval to the COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer.

However, the agency has not provided any particular timeline for the approval but some of the leading dailies have reported that the approval could come during the first week of September, 2021. Currently only three big companies have got the emergency approval of the vaccine. Some of the doctors have hopes that the complete approval by the FDA would help to reduce the hesitancy of people related to the shots. But some of the health leaders are not very sure about it.

The reason here is that the current pandemic situation continues to remain unpredictable and nobody knows as to how a complete approval of the vaccine would help reduce the hesitancy of people. But still a number of people opine that the complete approval would help in some way. Dr. Ali Mokdad, from the University of Washington Medicine for Health Metrics and Evaluation opined that the complete approval of the vaccine would encourage people who are not vaccinated and get their shots.

Mokdad added that it will surely make a difference and will also help to create a lot of confidence in the vaccine in terms of its safety and effectiveness. But still there are people who opine and doubt if the full approval would help them convince as a majority of the pharma companies are busy focusing on getting a full approval. For now it cannot be speculated if the full approval would help people to be convinced to get themselves jabbed.

Photo Credits: Pixabay