Ways to deal with constant scrolling on social media

Social media scrolling can be endless and takes away a lot of time, productivity and efficiency

social media

The coronavirus pandemic, has left a number of people confined to their homes due to different restrictions imposed in different nations. There are people who are allowed by their respective companies to work from home, but there are still many people who have been left at home with no work. Such people often spend time scrolling on the social media that makes them less productive and irritable. Here are a few ways that you can avoid spending excess time on social network.

1. Indulge in a hobby – This is the best way you can keep yourself busy. When you are at home, you can pick up a number of things that you wanted to do otherwise, but could not find time due to your busy schedule. This will help you to stay away from the social media and keep you busy.

2. Make use of apps – There are a number of applications that are available in the market that help to limit their time on social media. The user can make use of the app by assigning a time limit and when they cross the time limit the app sends a notification to not to use the app any further.

3. Turn off the notifications – Make sure that you turn off the notifications of the social media. Such notifications can turn out to be a distraction and lure you to open the app leading to the endless scrolling.

4. Hide social media apps – It is best to hide such apps on the phone. Majority of the phones and operating systems have this feature. When you unlock the phone, you will not see the apps on the home screen.

5. Quit social media if it is not so important – There were times when such apps and platforms did not exist at all. If you do not have any work on social media that is deemed important then there is no harm quitting social media for good or for the time being.

Photo Credits: Pixabay