Ways to deal with two-week wait after Embryo transfer during IVF

The two-week wait during the IVF procedure is the most stressful time the couple goes through


IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) is an assisted reproductive technology used for fertility treatment of couples who are having a hard time conceding a baby. The procedure is not easy for the couple and affects them mentally, physically and financially. There are two major steps of the procedure which is the harvesting of the eggs from the ovaries (which is an invasive procedure done in an OR under anesthesia) and the second main step is the embryo transfer. The doctor transfers two viable embryos in to the uterus and this is when the two-week wait begins. After the two weeks are done, the couple gets to know if the ET (embryo transfer) was successful and have conceived. This two-week wait is often stressful for the couple and many times leads to stress that can affect the result. This space is for people who are undergoing the two-week wait and are stressed about the result.

1. Be easy on yourself – After the ET, the doctor’s job is done and all you need to do it relax. Try not to think about it and think about only the positive things that you wish for the future.

2. Take the time off – If you are working, it is advised that you take a break for two weeks and relax. If you cannot do that , at least take the first seven days off.

3. Be religious with your medications – Here there are no chances to be taken during IVF, take your medicines regularly and timely.

4. Don’t panic – If you see any bleeding or spotting, do not panic. Many times it is normal as this happens when the embryo is attaching to the uterin wall. If you are still concerned, visit your gynecologist.

5. Do not expect pregnancy symptoms – During the two weeks, you are very unlikely to face any pregnancy symptoms.

6. Practice deep breaths and meditate – It is best to practice meditation during this time. Long breaths can also help to relax your mind.

Photo Credits: Pixabay