7 Unknown and surprising facts about newborn babies

Newborn babies have some unusual and unknown traits that could be surprising


Newborn babies are previous and full of surprises. They are delicate and need to be handled with care and precautions. Many of their movements and traits make the new parents laugh and this could be the reason they are also called as a bundle of joy. Here we will be looking in to a few unknown and surprising facts about newborn babies.

1. They start learning in the womb – When the baby is in the womb, they can hear the mother’s voice and other sounds from nearly 23 weeks in to the pregnancy. Though they cannot talk till they are a year old, but the learning process begins during pregnancy.

2. Infants cannot cry – They can cry, but the actual tears come only after they are a month old.

3. Infants can stop breathing – Now this could sound scary but this usually happens when they are too excited while playing or sleeping. Nothing to be worried about, but if the tenure increased to more than 10 seconds then the baby would need medical attention.

4. Babies have 300 bones – Adult have 206 while babies have 300. The skull itself has several parts that overlap, when they squeeze out during the delivery. When they grow, the bones fuse together that makes it 206.

5. The mother’s scent is the favourite of the baby – When the baby is in the womb, the baby relishes everything that the mother consumes. After they are born, they become used to the natural scent of the mother.

6. Babies like the right side – Majority of the babies like to face the right side then they are sleeping. Only a few of them like to face the left.

7. They have a natural ability to swim – Babies for the nine months of pregnancy remain inside the amniotic fluid in the womb. They can hold their breath under water and can splash their legs and arms.

Photo Credits: Pixabay