Things to keep in mind while having braces

Braces can be uncomfortable and irritating but they are worth when the process is complete


Having braces is no less than a challenge and needs plenty of determination. It includes appliances inside your mouth that corrects the position of the teeth if they are too protruding or need to be pushed out. It takes months and sometimes a couple of years to get that perfect smile. While the struggle with the braces is not easy, the end result is certainly worth all the pain. If you are one of those who are undergoing the same struggle, here are a few tips that can make things a little easy.

1. Avoid certain foods – You need to stay away from chewing certain foods like hard candies, gum, popcorn, etc. The braces that have been installed on the appliance are very delicate and can easily come out if proper care is not taken.

2. Do not use your front teeth – Till you are having the braces, it is advised not to use your front teeth and bite food. Make sure that you use your inner teeth for chewing food always.

3. Brush after every meal – There are special brushes for people who have braces. Make sure that you brush your teeth after every meal as the foods tends to stick in and around the brackets of the appliance.

4. Keep visiting the dentist – Make sure that you are in regular touch with your dentist. They need to check if the brackets and the wires are in place. There could be times when the wire could be poking your inner cheeks, so it could be trimmed by the professional.

5. Keep a box of wax handy – Your dentist will give you a box of wax that can be applied to the inner portion of your cheeks. The wires and brackets in the appliance can make your inner cheeks sore. Applying the wax can soften them and prevent any cuts that are caused by the appliance.

6. Wear your temporary braces – After the permanent braces are removed, some dentists give you a temporary and removable brace that needs to be in place to make sure that the teeth does not lose its position. They are removable but need to be worn till the dentist suggests.

Photo Credits: Pixabay