Ways to deal with personal and professional rejection

Rejection can be harsh and it could make you feel low and unwanted but there are ways to deal with it


Rejection can be on the personal front or a professional front. It is never easy to handle a rejection, especially when a person has so many efforts in to it just to realize that it was all of no use. This could make you feel that you are not worth and are unwanted. Under such circumstances, the first thing that you need to remember is, not to take things personally and that you are not the only one who is dealing with such issues. Facing a rejection makes you doubt about your abilities but that fact is that it does not determine your worth. Here are a few ways that can help you to deal with rejection.

1. Address your feelings – Do not ignore what you are feeling by just keeping yourself engaged and distracting. That would mean that you are pushing your feelings under the carpet but the dirt remains at the same place. Express your feelings by talking to a person who could be a listener to you.

2. Do not be disheartened – One could say that you cannot avoid being disappointed, but the fact is that it is all in your hands to control your emotions. You can begin with distracting yourself and once you get with the flow, you will realize that you have already managed to get out of it.

3. Do not engage in self-pity – One of the most worst things that you could do to yourself is to engage in self-pity. You can take the rejection as a lesson to make more efforts next time.

4. Spend some me-time – It is a great way to isolate yourself for a while and spend some me-time. You can order your favorite meal from your favourite eatery, grab your favourite series on Netflix and spend a comfortable evening.

Tip – Life throws struggles to all and facing them makes you stronger and ready for the next phase. One should learn to swim in deep waters instead of giving up or depending on life guards.

Photo Credits: Pixabay