5 Bad effects caused by prolonged use of mobile phones on skin

Excess usage of Mobile phones can not just affect the mental state and sight, but can also affect the skin

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Being addicted to the mobile phones is not new, but the pandemic has taken the problem to another level. A number of people are staying at home as a safety measure to be protected against the coronavirus. Due to this a number of people find their devices like tablets and smartphones to kill time and entertain themselves. Moreover a number of people are being quarantined due to being infected or just as a safety measure. This leaves them with no better option. This not just affects your mental health, but also begins to affect the skin. Here are a few skin problems that can generate due to excessive use of smartphones.

1. Dark circles around the eyes – It is the OTT era, when people depend on some interesting series on the platforms and keep them hooked for hours. Long time exposure to the smartphones and its blue light can lead to dark circles around the eyes. This also happens due to lack of sleep as they are hooked to the devices.

2. Dermatitis – In lay man’s language it is known as the inflammation of the skin. It can show in the form of redness or cause itching or burning on the skin. Prolonged use of smart devices while in contact with the skin, can lead to sweat and could lead to infections like dermatitis.

3. Frown lines and Crows feet – Prolonged use of smartphones can lead to early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. People who already have a poor vision and are hooked to the devices, could also suffer from squinting or crinkling of the eyes.

4. Skin infections – Since the mobile phone is not cleaned everyday, it can be a breading place for a number of bugs that are picked up from the environment. When such bugs come in contact with the skin, it can lead to skin infections.

5. Wrinkles on the neck – Long term use of mobile phones can lead to wrinkles on the neck and the skin will begin to appear dull and coarse.

Photo Credits: Pixabay