Myths about taking supplements on a regular basis

Supplements are good for the body but before taking them people need to be aware of certain myths and facts


The coronavirus pandemic has given a new habit of consuming vitamin supplements. These supplements are also consumed by the patients who have been infected by the virus. It helps the patients to recover faster. Coronavirus affects people who have a poor immune system so if the body has ample vitamins and minerals, then there are less chances that the virus will affect that person. However, there are certain myths that are related to the consumption of supplements that everyone needs to be aware of.

1. Myth 1 – Multivitamins can replace natural food – Majority of the supplements that are available today are synthetic. When the vitamins are in the natural form have complexes like the minerals, trace factors and enzymes. However, the supplements are made of sulphuric acid, petroleum oil, coal tar and corn starch. Due to this they work in a different way when inside the body. Long use of such supplements can also lead to cardiac problems.

2. Myth 2 – Multivitamins help to make you healthy overnight – A number of people have the impression that the multivitamins work like magic and it will make them healthy and provide immunity overnight. Consuming vitamin C does not help to build the body immunity overnight. Immunity can be obtained with a combination of nutrition and workout regime along with ample sleep.

3. Myth 3 – You can have any amount if supplements – Anything in excess is not good for the body. Even multivitamin pills in excess can affect the body in a bad way. For instance consumption of Calcium supplements in excess can make the arteries hard and could lead to the risk of stroke.

4. Myth 4 – They do not have any side effects – These can indeed interfere with the effect of certain medications. Due to this it is highly recommended to consult a physician before you start taking any vitamins or minerals.

5. Myth 5 – Multivitamins do not have an expiry date – This is not true as like other medicines, these pills also provide the best benefits only when they are consumed in a given time.

Photo Credits: Pixabay