Ways to help a person dealing with coronavirus

A person infected with coronavirus could be infected , but still needs help


The COVID-19 pandemic is a tough time and is a tougher time for people who are taking care of infected people or are infected themselves. Since the disease is extremely contagious, it becomes a challenge for people to help people who need help. There are a number of people like senior citizens or differently disabled people who could be in need of help as they remain infected and under home quarantine. Here are a few ways you can help people in need during this coronavirus pandemic.

1. Get them tested – While it is going to be impossible for to take the person to the medical centre to get tested, one can just make a phone call to call a person at their door step to take their samples to get tested. The results are sent on phone and do not take long. As soon as the person faces any symptoms, it is essential to first get the person tested for COVID-19.

2. Help them with medicines, food and water – Since the person is home quarantined and needs to rest, it is important to help them by providing fresh water, food and medicines (after consulting a doctor). Make sure that you leave all the essentials outside the door where they are quarantined.

3. Cheer the person – Since it is a difficult time, it is not easy for a person to remain under isolation for two weeks. It is obvious that you cannot meet them in person, but you can call them and encourage them during these testing times.

4. Share positivity – This is a time when people could be scare while undergoing isolation and treatment. You can share positive news about recovery and good health and be the source of joy.

5. Encourage them to meditate – Now that the person is isolated and resting, you can encourage the person to meditate. Health experts have said that meditation and breathing exercise helps to heal faster.

Photo Credits: Pixabay