What is Back acne? How to get rid of them?

Back acne can be more painful than the regular acne on the face

back acne

While acne on the face can be a pain, but a number of people also suffer from acne of the back. The problem becomes problematic when it is summer and you take out your loose outfits like the tank tops and swim costumes that expose your back and the back acne makes it look unpleasant. They are not just unpleasant in appearance but are also painful. Acne begins when the hair follicles start to form from below the skin and get clogged up. Face acne seem smaller, but the ones on the back are relatively bigger and more painful. This happens as the pores on the back are much larger. Acne of the back happens when there is too much production of oil and it results in the build-up of bacteria. Here are a few ways that can help to get rid of back acne.

1. Exfoliate – Although it is not advisable to exfoliate the skin but gentle exfoliation can help to remove the excess sebum and dirt from the upper layer of the skin. It will also help to get rid of any dead cells and dirt that gets accumulated. You just have to make sure that the skin is not scrubbed to hard or it can cause irritation and will also peel off the top layer of the skin.

2. Tea Tree oil – Tea Tree oil is known to be effective to reduce inflammation and acne. It also helps to get rid of the bacteria on the skin and overall subsides the area that has been inflamed. The oil can be applied directly to the affected area for best results.

3. Avoid hair conditioner to run down your back – While in the shower it is a common habit to allow the conditioner to run down your back as you wash it off. This is common with people who have long hair. Hair conditioner has ingredients that can make the condition worse and also further clog the pores.

Photo Credits: Pixabay