Domino’s Pizza ready to hire more staff amidst increasing demand

dominos pizza

The coronavirus pandemic was a tough time for a number of businesses. Domino’s Pizza is one of the few businesses that continued to flourish even during the lockdown and hired nearly 8,000 extra staff in 2020 due to increase in demand. But now a number of them returned to their pre-pandemic jobs. The company is now aiming to hire 5,000 delivery drivers and 5,000 chefs as the demand continues to remain sky high for take-aways and home deliveries. This is also a time when the hospitality industry is facing an acute shortage of staff.

The pizza delivery chain had said that it hired more than 8,000 people in 2020 in order to cope with the surge in the demand. The company said that it had then hired taxi drives, hairdressers and even event managers who were all out of work due to the pandemic induced lockdowns. But as the COVID-19 restrictions started to ease, a number of these workers started to return to their earlier jobs due to which the chain is once again in crisis and needs staff for its 1,100 branches in the UK. Most of these branches are run by franchisees.

Domino’s Pizza had earlier announced that it was planning to open more outlets. Its hunt for new employees comes at a time when the industry is facing an acute shortage of staff. A number of other businesses are also trying to fill in thousands of vacancies. During the recruitment drive in 2020, the company was surprised by the response that it got as people from all walks of life had turned up.

Nicola Frampton, the operations director at Domino’s Pizza said that they were proud that they were able to offer people the chance to keep earning during the crisis time. Frampton continued that even now they are not facing any slowdown in the customer demand due to which they are now ready to hire more people.

Photo Credits: Pixabay