Reasons to remove make-up properly at the end of the day

There are a number of reasons why make-up should be removed at the end of the day


There could be a number of times when you return home tired after a long day of work or a party and would feel like just crashing in to the bed instead of removing your make-up. There is a reason why skin experts constantly insist on removing the make-up before going to bed. Make-up products make you look good, but the ingredients are so fine that they are capable of blocking the pores of the skin. If the pores are blocked the skin will not be able to breathe leaving no chances of rejuvenation that happens during the night time. Here we will be discussing about a few things that would motivate you to make that extra effort in the night.

1. When you are outdoors, especially working women, a lot of dust, pollutants and other particles get deposited on the skin along with the make-up. They can cause acne and even skin breakouts.

2. It is not healthy for the skin to ignore cleansing. It is important to cleanse your skin as not practicing it could lead to pre-mature ageing.

3. While talking about make-up, there are plenty of things that you apply include a primer, foundation, highlighter, compact powder, lip color, eye shadow and more. These layers need to be removed so the skin can breathe at the end of the day.

4. Apply a night cream – Leaving your skin cleansed and without make-up is not enough. After the washing and cleansing, the skin needs to be soothed with a gentle night cream to avoid dryness of the skin and make sure that it does not lose its moisture.

5. Your skin needs to get rid of the dead cells that accumulate with time. Once in a week you can exfoliate your skin even with the help of household items like rice and sugar.

6. Use a good make-up remover – A make-up remover contains a mixture of hydrants and oil and the mixture helps to get rid of all the residue on the skin.

Photo Link: Pixabay