Things to keep in mind post COVID-19 era

Even post COVID-19 era, people need to be careful about certain things


The COVID-19 pandemic constantly gives us lessons on every phase. A number of nations across the globe are facing the second wave of the deadly disease and has already claimed millions of lives. Even if the time passes by and things come back to near normalcy, there are certain things that one should keep in mind. Even if the pandemic slows down there are few things that people need to continue to do.

1. Lung exercises – Health experts have said that every person, irrespective of their age or health condition, should perform lung exercises regularly. This should also be done by people who have recovered by COVID-19 infection. Practicing these exercises will also help people who have not been affected by the virus and would help them to remain immune.

2. Take care of your blood – Patients who have recovered after COVID-19 need to be careful. They would need blood thinners post recovery also. It is important for them to continue to take blood thinners as long as the doctor advises. If ignored, it could lead to blood clothing issues that could also be fatal.

3. Take care of your joints – COVID-19 patients are asked to take rest during the quarantine period. After the rest period is over, then it is advised to begin your exercise routine gradually or you could suffer from joint stiffness. Make sure that you consume natural supplements of calcium to keep the bones healthy. Apart from calcium exposure to sunlight for Vitamin D is also essential.

4. Immunity –Do not compromise on your immunity- DO not skip breakfast and make sure that you have something to eat as soon as you wake up in the morning. Delaying breakfast can affect the immunity levels and could compromise your health.

5. Eat organic and seasonal food – Avoid processed food and eat a healthy and a balanced diet. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are also important for good health.

Photo Credits: Pixabay