Health mistakes that should be avoided during summer season

Summer season is a time when your body has to also deal with the heat and humidity


The summer is here and it is time to make a few changes in your lifestyle and diet so you can cope with the new weather. Changes in the weather also changes the way your body behaves. Since the weather is hot a few alterations have to be made in your diet like reducing spices and including fibrous foods. Summer is a time when you need to understand what your body says avoid making a few common mistakes that people make during the season.

1. Switch to pink salt – it is important to keep a watch on your salt intake. More salt increases the heat in the body. One has to avoid using white salt and switch to pink salt at least during the summer season.

2. Avoid sour foods – During the summer season it is wise to stay away from some of the sour stuff like tomatoes, tamarind and carbonated drinks. However, lemon can be safely consumed in the form of lemonade as it helps the body to cool down. One can also opt for cool butter milk which is not just healthy but also gentle on the gut.

3. Spicy foods – During summer season one should avoid eating spicy food and avoid including some of the foods like garlic, radish, chillies, and brinjal. You can consume some of the cool vegetables like carrots, cucumber, sweet potatoes, zucchini, French beans and leafy greens.

4. Avoid heavy exercises – It is good to indulge in exercise in any season, but during the summer time, you can slow down a bit and make your workout sessions gentle and reserved. You can go for walks and work half of your body strength.

5. Avoid too much of exposure to sunlight – Sunlight is good for the body as you get vitamin D, but too much exposure can weaken the strength. However, a few minutes of sunbath early in the morning when it is just warm.

Photo Credits: Pixabay