Fun ways to spend a rainy day at home

Staying indoors on a rainy day might sound boring but a few activities can make it a fun day

rainy day

There cannot be a more pleasant atmosphere when it rains after months of heat. Cool showers cool down the roads and a pleasant aroma spreads in the air that can be enjoyed with your eyes closed. Rain can be otherwise enjoyed by jumping on the puddles and getting drenched like a kid just once. But with the current coronavirus pandemic situation, this does not seem to be a very good idea. There are indeed more interesting and fun ways of making a rainy day fun and exciting.

1. Enjoy a hot cup of tea/coffee – There cannot be a better idea than to enjoy a rainy cay by curling up on the couch with a hot cup of tea/coffee as you look out of the window and open up your favourite book.

2. Plan balcony/backyard camping – While camping somewhere outdoors might not be recommended under the current pandemic situation, you can do it all at the comfort of your balcony or your backyard. Take out your camping gear and set up a barbeque at the space you are comfortable in. Since you are at home, you can cook up almost anything that you would want to enjoy.

3. Play a board game with family– A family that plays together stays together. When you have your family with you, there cannot be a better way to enjoy the rain than a board game. Bring in some snacks and deserts and have a good laugh as you spend the day with a board game.

4. Plan a virtual picnic – It does not matter of you cannot meet your close friends or family members during the pandemic. You can plan a time and set up a virtual picnic by preparing some sandwiches and hot cocoa. Have a fun chat with your friends and family as you spend the rainy evening at home.

5. Experiment in the kitchen – If you like cooking then this is a great opportunity to bring out your culinary skills and whip up something which is hot and delicious.

Photo Credits: Pixabay